Hello Friends,

This makes to the list of the Oracle Cards I use, and it’s a good Deck.

To give you a brief about this card deck, I would like you to know that, these are the best cards to make it to your collection, if you already don’t have.

These cards have images, that talk to you in a way that is as easy as talking to a friend. 

Each card has a written prayer on it.

The prayer helps you for the given situation.

The Deck comes with a guidebook, that gives a brief general description about each card. The descriptions in the guide book are given in the alphabetical order of the cards, with an illustrative image of the card for easy reference.


  • Very easy to use
  • Very easy to handle
  • Helps in giving a very elaborated readings to self and others
  • Very Inspiring
  • Easy to use and shuffle


  • The Card quality paper, is of lower standards (in India)
  • The color on the outer portion of the cards aren’t similar (in India)
  • Each card is a bit thinner (in India)

When I researched on my part for these Cons, in the card deck, I found that the Indian publishing Hay House Inc., doesn’t have high quality raw material to be used for the cards.

however, the highest good quality of raw material is being used by the Indian publishing Hay House Inc., and that’s that.

If you are an Oracle Card Reader, this Deck should make it to your collection of decks, without a doubt.

Don’t give yourself second thoughts, and just grab your deck Now!!

Love and Light!


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