Keep Your Eyes On Your Targeted Intention



Your Angels want to convey the following message to you..



Focus on what you really want.

You are requested not to lose your focus, as it may delay your good.

Keep an eye for what you really really desire, as you are given everything you ask for, from the unlimited source of the Divine.

Feel your own light.

Let go off of any fears you have.

You have come a long way for this, and you need to keep it up with it.

You have all the support you may need.

Love has been showered upon you unconditionally.

Feel the power within you, and stay focused.


Additional Information:

The Card is from “Archangel Michael Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue.

The guidebook holds generic information and probable meanings of the cards, to which you may or may not resonate with. Guidebook information is as follows –

Archangel Michael has been guiding you along the path of your life’s purpose. Can you feel the rush of excitement whenever you think about your desired occupation and activities? This is a signal that you’re on the right path, and this card reminds you to keep a steady eye on your goals. Continually visualize that you already have the career or volunteer work of your dreams. See yourself helping people or issues that are dear to your heart. Imagine that you have complete financial security while you devote yourself to this important work.

Any desire you have is viable, as long as you stay focused upon it. The path to making your intentions a reality may differ from your expectations, yet the outcome is likely to exceed your dreams. Know that the angels walk beside you throughout your journey. Keep the faith. . . and keep going!

Possible specific meanings:

  • Make a “dream board”: using construction paper, create a collage with cutout photos and phrases from magazines that reflect your dreams
  • Affirm daily that your dreams are already a reality

Prayer On the Card:

Thank you, Archangel Michael, for helping me focus on my inner vision and intention. I ask for your guidance in releasing any fears or doubts, granting me the confidence and courage to take action towards realizing my dreams.

Love and Light!



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