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I have been on a very exciting journey since I realized that life IS a journey, and the fun lies in enjoying it, rather than worrying about reaching to the ultimate goal. When I look at situations or events happening in my life, I now try to see it with a different perspective, so as to enjoy it more vividly. When I started owing up to things happening in my life as a result of my own deeds, life has become more fun, interesting and enjoyable. Blaming others is a vicious cycle. When I blame others for things happening in my life, I end up feeling more frustrated and lost. And as soon as I take all the responsibility of it, it becomes so trivial

Its easy said than done, but I am glad that I can now practice it with ease. I have more time for other things important in my life to do; because I am not wasting my time in blaming or complaining about / to others. 

I am more focused on what I have to do to make myself happy. Sometimes, it becomes difficult, because of the old age learned ideas about life and it is fine I guess. Because every experience has been a learning or a blessing at the given point of time. Without those experiences, I may not be here, where I am now and I am really grateful for all of it, to everyone who was involved, however small the part they played in my journey of Life.

The more I wanted to grow, the more I was challenged. The more I was worried, the more I was capable of finding better solutions, better ideas, to come out of my worries. The more I seeked faith, the more I have been tested for building my faith stronger. The more I asked for strength, the more I was faced with situations where I had to be strong. Trust me, “Its A Blessing In Disguise”. Thank you God for all this.

Being grateful, has changed many things in my life. With gratitude, comes blessings. For every blessing my way, I am grateful for it million times. The love and blessings I receive, bring more and more of it to me, with gratitude. It changed my life and it made me more compassionate and considerate.

I have now shared my little secret, and hope that you also can get benefited by it.

Life is really an amazing journey, so lets have some fun, while we are here. Its a waste of time really, to not enjoy it, and look for the things which stops us from enjoying it.

Lots of Love,


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