Peaceful Resolution

The Angels want to convey the following message to you..

“This card urges you to look beyond the regular norms that you are accustomed to.

Things are way more expanded than you can see.

Thus the solutions or results will occur to you in the form that you are not even thinking in the direction of.

Allow yourself to expand, so that you are able to see the big picture.

You need to increase your faith in the Divine or the Source you have faith with, in order to achieve your goals.

Only faith is your support and love is your guide.

Allow yourself to be in surrender, so that you can increase your faith.

You are very well guided, so just relax, and let go.

Take care.”

Additional Information:

The Card is from “Angel Answers Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine.

The guidebook holds generic information and probable meanings of the cards, to which you may or may not resonate with. Guidebook information is as follows –

Additional Message:

The challenges you’re inquiring about are going to come to an end. Conflict will cease and soon be replaced with harmony. There will be a sense of peace shared by all, even if some only “agree to disagree”.

Disagreements will be resolved in your favour. This includes struggles with employers, legal battles, arbitration, and even strife among family or friends. Be forgiving and understanding with those who may have been in error. Allow peace to come, with grace and dignity for everyone.

Love and Light!



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