Ask Archangel Michael to Help You with this Situation

The Angels want to convey the following message to you..

“For the day, if you have any particular thing going on in your mind, know that Archangel Michael assures you with his guidance and help to you.

You are to surrender yourself and the situation to Archangel Michael and have faith that everything will be for the betterment of all those involved.

You can say – “Dear Archangel Michael, I surrender myself and this situation to you, so please be my guide, Thank You”.

When you invoke the angels with all the faith and trust, you will be guided perfectly.

Follow the intuitions or messages that come to you instantly, and follow that without any judgments and doubts.

You may see or find something that will help you in the given situation, so be open and ready for the guidance’s.

Blessings and love are showered on you, so you are not to worry about anything.

Have faith, be yourself, and follow the guidance.

Take care.”

Additional Information:

The Card is from “Archangel Michael Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue.

The guidebook holds generic information and probable meanings of the cards, to which you may or may not resonate with. Guidebook information is as follows –

The situation that’s concerning you can improve with Archangel Michael’s help. This card serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to get the angels involved, and their assistance will improve everything immediately . . . including giving your inner peace, new ideas, and insights. Michael will help you in ingenious and unexpected ways, so be open to miracles that take on surprising forms.

Possible specific meanings:

  • Know that you’re powerful-you’re not a victim
  • Release any blame for yourself or others
  • Focus upon solutions, not problems
  • Allow other people to help you
  • Keep an open mind to alternative solutions

Prayer On the Card:

Archangel Michael, thank you for assisting me with [describe the situation]. Please help me be filled with faith and peace at all times.

Love and Light!



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