Crown Chakra

The Angels want to convey the following message to you..

“This is a guidance message for you to know that, all your prayers are answered, and you just need to be aware of it.

The answers that are provided to you, may not be in the exact manner you expected, so keep an open mind.

Things may seem upside down, and it may seem all vague, but you need to know that everything that you desire and more is now given to you.

Don’t be a prison of your emotions, rather, let your emotions guide you to your life.

Explore and flourish through the new avenues of life.

Stay grounded, stay optimistic.

Take care.”

Additional Information:

The Card is from “Angel Therapy Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue.

The guidebook holds generic information and probable meanings of the cards, to which you may or may not resonate with. Guidebook information is as follows –

Pay attention to your ideas, as they are messages of true Divine guidance sent in answer to your prayers.

You drew this card because the angels are asking you to trust and follow the ideas you’ve recently received, as they are the answers you’ve been seeking for your current situation. You already know the truth and the best course of action to take. Trust this knowingness, and take appropriate action. When you honor your ideas, the Universe reciprocates by sending you additional support while you make healthy life changes.

This card is also a message to clear the crown energy center (or chakra), which governs your ability to tap into the Universe’s collective wisdom. Your crown chakra can become blocked if you dismiss your inner thoughts as wishful thinking or common knowledge. Remember that all ingenious ideas begin as daydreams that turn into wonderful inventions.

You can do the following Action Steps:

Archangel Uriel (whose name means “He who is Divine light”) is the angel of Divine wisdom and knowledge. Sit quietly and say:

“Archangel Uriel, I call upon you now to clear and balance my crown chakra. I ask for your assistance in boosting my belief and faith in the ideas that come to me. Help me in responsibly following through with my Divinely guided ideas”.

Love and Light!



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