Kindly receive the following guidance..

Week 27 – This week you are asked to get in touch with your dreams and desires.

You may have been too occupied to miss out on your true self, by trying to fulfill your personal duties.

You can try to manage some time from your schedule to take some time for your hobbies or just ‘to be’.

This may help you to connect within, and thus watering the seeds of your dreams and desires.

The guidance is too important to miss, and very valuable to be rejected.

As soon as you connect within, you will also find ease with your daily stuff, and you may have an ‘out of the box’ experience.

Allow yourself to be the innocent kid, that you were once, who believes in magic, and fate.

You never know, you might end up experiencing a miracle.

Be you, take care.

Additional Information:

The Card is from “The Romance Angels Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue.

The guidebook holds generic information and probable meanings of the cards, to which you may or may not resonate with. Guidebook information is as follows –

To recapture romance, allow your inner youthful spirit if fun to shine!

Additional Message:

The Romance Angels are cherubs who embody all things romantic- and who have a happy, youthful sense of playfulness. They delight in the wonders of love, and ask you to do the same. The angels want to help you fall back in love with life again by guiding you to enjoy yourself. This comes from a spirit of joy and adventure.

The angels ask you: when was the last time you had fun? If you don’t remember, then it’s long overdue for you to add some playtime into your schedule. The angels say that fun is a necessity, not a luxury. The activity can be free of charge, such as exploring nature, auditioning for a local theatrical production, joining a community sports team, or trying something new. Playfulness is a good investment of your time, as it will renew your energy levels and elevate your mood.

Playtime is essential in relationships, too, to keep the free-spirited component of dating alive. Plan regular “date nights” with your partner; and take turns creatively planning fun activities such as miniature golf, karaoke, walking through a flower garden, or flying kites together.

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