Twin Flame

Kindly receive the following guidance..

Week 31 – You are ready for new avenues in your life.

If you have a particular person or a situation in your life for which you are confused about, the answer is yes.

Believe in the Divine for bringing you what is best for you.

Things may not seem as you might have imagined, but believe that they in the best interest of you.

For once, let go of being in control of making the ‘right’ decision, and just let things happen, even if they don’t fit in your definition of ‘right’.

Be in allowance of your own life, rather than being a soldier.

All the events and situations are a part of the journey you are meant to take, so just relax, and breathe.

Your walls are only making the journey more exhausting, and draining you from the beauty of your own being.

Just have faith in the Divine, and you will see the big picture.

Take care.

Additional Information:

The Card is from “Angel Therapy Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue.

The guidebook holds generic information and probable meanings of the cards, to which you may or may not resonate with. Guidebook information is as follows –

The answer to your question involves a spiritually based romantic relationship.

Additional Message:

You drew this card because your twin flame is intricately involved with the answer to your question. A twin flame is a romantic partner who originated from your spiritual soul group – that is, he or she is “the one” in terms of soul-mate relationships.

Often, twin flames incarnate together during their last lifetime on Earth-after the reincarnation cycle has been completed, and all karma has been balanced. Until that lifetime, however, twin flames usually don’t incarnate simultaneously but instead volunteer to function as one another’s spirit guides. So your twin flame could be guiding you from the other side, helping you with every area of your life, including romance with a soul mate.

You can do the following Action Steps:

Write a letter to your twin flame’s guardian angels. Begin the letter with “Dear Guardian Angels of my twin flame,” and then express all of your feelings, thoughts, and questions about your love life. End the letter by asking these angels to prepare you to meet your twin flame or soul mate and to also arrange this visit. You’ll recognize your twin flame or soul mate immediately and there won’t be any doubt in your heart or mind when you’re face-to-face with him or her.

Love and Light,



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