About Me!!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Shruti Changoiwala. I have completed my MBA from Mumbai University, and graduation from Sathaye College, Vile Parle. I worked in the corporate for approx a year. Even though my work profile was interesting, I felt something is missing and I kind of started losing my touch with my own self and my loved ones.

I quit my job to pursue my hobby as my business (Glass Paintings). This gave me the thrill and I got back to being myself soon. This decision and journey was not all flowery path, but it was all worth it.

I always felt a calling of being more efficient and able to serve the society in a way which is required and is the need of time. Being blessed with amazing friends, I got introduced to ‘Reiki Healing’ by one of them. It was a life altering chapter of my life. Even though I was happy with my painting business, it just brought in new levels of satisfaction and bliss in my life.

Reiki changed my life to 360degrees and it was a roller coaster ride since then. After Reiki I was introduced to the ‘Angels’ and I knew the feel and look of blessings as it is.

This journey has led me to a lot of learning, experiences and new insights about self and life. Thanks to the writer in me, I was able to pen down few of the articles, based on these, in the blog section of my website, so please do find some time to go through them.

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Love and Light!